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Service Molds

Following the initial production runs required for new products, used high-volume molds are often repurposed for low-volume runs to make service and repair parts.

We are experts at evaluating your current molds to determine whether they are worth the investment of moving and repairing them for low volume production. Seaway Plastics can support your mold use strategy in a number of areas:

  • Low-volume transfers
  • End-of-life production
  • Transfer previously high-volume tooling for low-volume applications


Sometimes the promise of offshore cost-savings becomes elusive. Shipping cost, quality, and intellectual property issues can combine to make offshore production less profitable for some companies.

When offshore production proves a challenge, Seaway Plastics can reshore your production assets, bringing your molds to our U.S. facility. We are well versed in mold-moving logistics and the art of rebuilding your molds to meet your production needs.

If you would like to examine the benefits of reshoring your molds with Seaway, contact our sales group at eng@seawayplastics.com or phone (727) 845-3235. To speed the process along, read through our Mold Transfer RFQ form.
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