Case Studies: Medical

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Major medical device manufacturing company

The customer wanted to manufacture its medical carts in the company’s corporate colors. Prior to working with Seaway, they purchased assembled carts, disassembled them, painted them, and then reassembled them in their own facility. This non-core process interrupted their manufacturing flow; further, they had no designated space in their facility for the operation, resulting in lost pieces, wasted time, and numerous logistical issues.

Creating a partnership with Seaway, Seaway now purchases the carts, handles the disassembly, painting, and reassembly, then repackages the carts in our secondary operations facility. We then ship the carts, ready to go, to the customer.

By optimizing the entire cart-painting process, Seaway has enabled the customer to reduce its overhead while receiving consistently high-quality finished carts. The partnership with our customer has been going strong for five-plus years.

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