Case Studies: Food Service

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Industry food service 1

Manufacturer and distributor of frozen beverage dispensers that are manufactured and sold globally.

In the production of frozen beverage dispensing equipment, the customer was machining parts from stainless steel. Manufacturing costs for the stainless steel components were high and lead times were long, resulting in slim margins and supply chain issues.

The customer partnered with Seaway Plastics to explore whether injection molded parts would meet the customer’s cost and delivery targets. Seaway engineers collaborated with the customer in the design of several new and complex components, recommending a high-strength polymer material that met the customer’s durability requirements. Further, Seaway offered process solutions that would ensure the timely delivery of finished parts.

The new injection molded components helped reduce manufacturing costs by 59%, and cut production lead time from 120 days to 25 days. The cost savings enabled the customer to recoup its initial investment within three months of working with Seaway Plastics.

Seaway continues in this problem-solving partnership today, supplying beverage dispensing equipment parts to this customer on an ongoing basis

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