About Our Aerospace Industry Services

While working with major aerospace OEMs, we have proved ourselves to be a dependable partner in the aerospace industry, and we are focused on creating innovation and sustainability for our aerospace clients. Through engineering partnerships and collaboration, we work with our customers to create the strongest and safest assemblies and parts possible.

Aerospace Assemblies

At Seaway Plastics Engineering and Wright Engineered Plastics, we understand that parts for the aerospace industry must meet strict requirements, and we follow stringent quality protocols from start to finish to ensure we meet the needs of our aerospace clients.

Companies that make parts that often don’t pass first article inspection (FAI) or process capability standards can affect the supply chain or cause the items to be labeled as unsafe by government regulators. These companies often produce parts quickly and ship them to other facilities for further customization.

To ensure our products are completed properly, we offer post-production services in house such as machining, shielding, and painting, and we have crafted:

  • Aircraft interior parts
  • Cockpit covers and other main control components
  • PEKK specialty parts
  • Specialized structural applications

The aerospace industry is replacing metal parts with plastic polymers because they provide more stability in thermal and mechanical applications and boast higher insulative properties and chemical resistance. Plastics also reduce aircraft weight and lower the risk of fire due to petroleum or grease-based lubricants. We are ready to meet the needs of the aerospace industry as it shifts to plastics.


An Outstanding Commitment to Quality

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