About Our Defense Industry Services

Seaway Plastics Engineering and Wright Engineered Plastics are poised to meet the stringent requirements of the military and defense industry. We can engineer items that withstand heavy use in tough situations from combat to mundane applications.

Our ITAR certification reflects our ability to produce parts that meet strict legal regulations and promise to last. Our in-house molding capabilities allow us to make molds in-house to craft specialized military parts, and we have the following capabilities to support our military and defense clients:

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI) capabilities
  • Shielding
  • Highly engineered plastic resins (e.g. PEEK)

To support national security, we use these techniques to create items ranging from computer cases to detection meters.

Defense and Military Applications and Parts

The military and defense industries have more challenges than other industries, and through the years, we have met those challenges with confidence and quality while creating the following:

  • GPS and location related devices
  • Armament components
  • Helmet and combat gear components
  • Specialty electronics

While each situation is unique, our military customers notice our dedication and attention to detail. Seaway Plastics Engineering and Wright Engineered Plastics take every precaution to preserve the safety of our customers and the nation.


An Outstanding Commitment to Quality

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