About Our Medical Industry Services

At Seaway Plastics, we understand the critical nature of the medical supplies industry, and whether we’re working on a large MRI machine or a small plastic component, we focus on customer satisfaction and patient safety.

Medical supplies have a direct impact on life-or-death situations, and defects can slow down workflows, degrade the patient experience, and potentially even hurt someone. Crooked caster wheels on hospital carts, surgical clamps that can’t withstand the heat of the sterilization process, or handheld scanners that don’t have an ergonomic design can all lead to unwanted risks and problems.

We have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality medical parts, and our ISO 13485 certification attests to our high standards. We work hard to meet the rigorous financial, operational, and functional needs of our medical supply customers, and they repeatedly return to our company for our premium services.

Medical Supplies and Services

We have worked with a wide range of medical supply manufacturers on many different projects, and we customize our approach based on our clients’ unique problems and challenges We have delivered results-oriented solutions in the following areas and more:

  • New product launches for FDA submissions
  • Dental and lab equipment
  • Hospital carts
  • Applications ranging from small drug delivery pumps to over-molded hand-held devices
  • Laser marking applications designed to withstand stringent sterilization processes

We mold a variety of medical parts in our ISO-certified clean rooms. Our ISO Class 7 and 8 certifications prove that we prevent airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 and 0.5 microns respectively from entering the cleanroom, and our FDA registration and sterile kit packaging allow us to complete our customers’ medical supply projects under one roof. That ensures product integrity and improves safety for the end-user.


An Outstanding Commitment to Quality

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