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Medical surgical clamp manufacturer

Prior to working with Seaway, this surgical clamp manufacturer was machining brain surgery clamps from stainless steel. The clamp manufacturer sought to reduce the cost and lead time associated with stainless steel clamps, while maintaining clamp strength and the reusable clamp’s ability to withstand autoclave sterilization.

Seaway partnered with its customer in developing a new molded clamp using 30% glass-filled PEEK material. Seaway designed and built the molds for the new clamp, working with the customer to incrementally modify the parts to integrate in a way that provided the correct functionality needed to impart the “feel” surgeons wanted.

Ultimately, Seaway produced two models of new molded brain surgery clamps for our customer. Both models met the customer’s cost and lead-time reduction requirements, while also maintaining clamp strength and sterilization capabilities.

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