Case Studies: Medical

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Low volume injection molding 3

Multinational Medical Company

The medical company’s existing China-based supplier was unable to get the medical company’s tools or parts approved, failing to meet the medical company’s manufacturing requirements.

The decision was made to re-shore the molds and move the tooling to Seaway Plastics’ U.S. location for corrective actions. The Seaway representative in China facilitated the moving of 80+ molds to the rep’s China facility. The rep inspected each tool, and in some cases processed the molds to build up inventory, prior to crating the molds and shipping them to Seaway. The molds were then fully repaired, approved, and put into production.

Seaway’s global team worked to re-shore the molds, enabling the experts at Seaway to bring the molds up to production specifications, and meet all customer manufacturing needs.

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