Existing Mold Transfers

About Existing Mold Transfers

When injection molding businesses move, close down, downscale, or merge with other entities, they often have nowhere to house their molds, and they have to transfer their molds/tools to another molder. This requires them to search for plastic injection molders, and go through the process of relocating the tools and the entire manufacturing process to another factory.

Seaway Plastics Engineering and Wright Engineered Plastics have rehoused hundreds of tools. We store tools in our climate-controlled warehouses, and when they arrive, we carefully examine them to find and address any faults, blemishes, or irregularities. We also assist with mold-moving logistics and tool transfers.

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Service Molds

Service Molds

Following the initial production runs required for new products, used high-volume molds are often repurposed for low-volume runs to make service and repair parts.

We are experts at evaluating your current molds to determine whether they are worth the investment of moving and repairing them for low volume production. We can support your mold use strategy in a number of areas including:

  • Low-volume transfers
  • End-of-life production
  • Transfer previously high-volume tooling for low-volume applications


We also help with reshoring. When offshore production becomes less profitable due to shipping costs, quality concerns, or intellectual property issues, we can gather the tools and arrange to have them back in the United States and producing new parts in just weeks.

When you’re ready to reshore, let us know how we can help you bring jobs back to the USA. Or contact us about your other mold transfer needs.


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