Case Studies: Transportation

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Industry transportation (1)

A manufacturer who produces and installs products used in light rail systems (commuter trains).

A Seaway Plastics customer faced a packaging challenge after being awarded a project to produce third-rail cover boards and fastening pins for a commuter train system in Hawaii. The complete order needed to ship to Hawaii, with a project timeline of one to three years. Due to these parameters, it was anticipated that the pins would be subjected to inclement weather and other environmental issues. The large order size needed to be adequately protected to ensure product quality when the cover board pins were used.

The customer asked that the cover board pins be shipped in five-gallon plastic pails, which would require that Seaway’s customer purchase 300 pails with lids at $11 each, totaling $3,300 for shipping containers alone.

After analyzing the product’s size and weight specifications, Seaway Plastics’ packaging specialists determined that 55-gallon plastic drums were a far more cost-effective solution. Seaway specified the use of 16 55-gallon drums at a cost of $10 each for a total shipping container cost of $160.

Seaway Plastics was able to help its customer save $3,140 in shipping container costs by specifying the 55-gallon plastic drums. The drums also took up less space on the shipping vessel, further reducing total shipping costs to the customer.

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