Case Study

Industry: Medical

This Healthcare company has cared for billions of people since their inception over 100 years ago. With over 50,000 employees aiding in their mission to improve healthcare, their size and integrity continues to establish itself in the world at large. The Healthcare company looks to continue to develop solutions to increase the level of care people experience. So when certain challenges arose regarding cost and efficiency for making their parts, this healthcare company sought a different solution.

Our Objective

This healthcare company had been CNC machining parts for a specific device for COVID vaccines in 2020. However with their sudden increased need in volume, the company needed a more efficient alternative or lose time and money. This healthcare company had heard about SPE through their own network of subcontractors and decided to reach out. With this healthcare company production team seeking to solve this production problem, Seaway’s plastic injection molding services stood out to them as a more cost effective solution. As CNC machining stands as an adequate solution for parts up to a mid volume level, Seaway’s abilities would accommodate this healthcare company’s demand for high volume production.

The total conversion process from CNC machining to DFM plastic injection molding provided the ideal solution to this particular issue. Through SPE and this healthcare company’s collaboration, they both completed plans to create 11 different molds that would yield the necessary parts in less than the usual lead time. For experts to CNC machine these parts, it would average around 5 to 6 weeks lead time for product completion by other manufacturers.

Healthcare Cnc
Healthcare Product Sample

The Results

Faro then received product samples within 3 weeks after SPE’s in-house tooling experts completed the molds. Normal turnaround for the parts like what this company requested averages between 6 to 10 weeks. Also, they completed their project before their anticipated deadline with project completion in 10 weeks after the initial project start. For a project that involved 58 different molds made and on spec would average 6 months for other manufacturers.


In conclusion, this healthcare company’s DFM plans along with Seaway’s capabilities accelerated vaccine distribution. The plastic injection molding process proved itself as the best alternative meeting both cost and time constraints for this healthcare company’s high volume plastic injection molding needs. This healthcare company continues to this day for assistance in plastic parts for the company.

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