Case Study

Industry: Defense

This defense contractor has been serving the needs of defense contractors nationally and internationally since its inception in 1969. With over 4000 employees, this defense contractor has known their unique needs in order to provide valid solutions. Many customers use their applications in this environment, this defense contractor has also provided solutions to those in law enforcement and related sectors to bring comprehensive tools for professional use.

Our Objective

This defense contractor constructed a sighting system meant for military forces in the field. However, their current system weighed more due to using an older type of resin in those previous iterations among some other updates in technology. With their engineers, they created a new system that was 30% lighter than the first while utilizing the newest technology available to them. This defense contractor also needed a few other aspects to meet their own requirements: the parts must obtain third party validation and must meet the requirements in post molding that would ensure quality maintained. Moreover, this defense contractor needed a few thousand parts in order to construct the sighting system yet many molders considered the amount under their threshold and refused this defense contractor’s project.

Defense Case Study
Defense Product Clean Room Molding

The Results

Having the designs, this defense contractor came to Seaway-Wright in search of a manufacturer that could meet the above mentioned criteria, tighter in-process controls, and tolerances. Due to the nature of their work as well, they saw Seaway’s dedication to discretion through their ITAR registration, exceeding in meeting the standards to keep national security a priority. By working together to create the mold and establish a project process, Seaway manifested the entire assembly using the special highly engineered resin they desired and saved money on handling fees. This defense contractor and Seaway-Wright collaborated to keep the entire assembly’s production in one place to ensure integrity of the overall device.

For this device over the course of making the product for a year, this defense contractor returned less than 0.001% of the product.


In conclusion, this defense contractor has remained with Seaway-Wright for years utilizing the collaboration and the expertise of the company to create the quality parts they need to fit US soldiers. Through Seaway’s dedication to quality and national security, this contractor obtained assemblies and parts that were lighter and more current with modern technology.

Defense Case Study Conclusion