Case Study

Industry: Medical

This medical technology company develops advanced spinal implant technologies and biologics, focusing on minimally invasive solutions to improve patient outcomes and surgical efficiency. Their products include spinal fusion devices, metal-free fixation systems, and advanced access systems. They are committed to enhancing patient care through innovation and philanthropy, supporting various health charities through their unique programs.

Our Objective

Wright Engineered Plastics partnered with an OEM to establish production procedures and facilitate the transition of their medical device into manufacturing. When financial constraints led to a Spinal Implant Company acquiring the project, Wright continued its collaboration, focusing on optimizing production and scaling operations.

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The Results

Initially, Wright worked with the OEM to develop procedures and construct a new cleanroom, enabling successful market entry. Transitioning to the Spinal Implant Company, Wright streamlined production processes, collaborated with engineers, and developed fixtures to enhance efficiency. Scaling from low to mid-volume production, Wright’s expertise facilitated the transition, enabling the production from tens to hundreds to thousands of units.


Wright’s partnership with both companies resulted in a significant reduction in line fallout from 20% to 2%, demonstrating improved efficiency and quality control. Transitioning to plastic injection molding from machined parts expedited time-to-market, reduced stress points, and contributed to cost savings. Beyond production optimization, Wright’s involvement in troubleshooting and packaging refinement ensured correct device functionality and efficient packaging processes, establishing a lasting partnership built on trust and proven results.