We are thrilled to share that Seaway Plastics Engineering received the Small Business of the Year Award from the Department of Energy (DOE). We were deeply honored to be presented with this prestigious award during the FY 2022 Annual Small Business Awards Ceremony held on July 11th, 2023, in New Orleans, LA. Our CEO, Tom Orr, attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the Seaway team.

At Seaway Plastics Engineering, we firmly believe in the significant role played by small businesses in contributing to the nation’s economic prosperity and national security. Our team is committed to generating innovation and providing technical solutions that align with these crucial missions. We are grateful for the DOE’s recognition and their support in offering contract and subcontract opportunities to stimulate the economy.

Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our success. Over the years, our custom injection molding and contract manufacturing solutions have consistently met and exceeded the requirements of our valued customers in diverse industries, including medical, aerospace, defense and consumer goods.

What sets Seaway apart in the industry is our expertise, state-of-the art facilities, and skilled workforce. We take pride in collaborating closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that address their unique needs. This esteemed award from the DOE serves as validation of our unwavering commitment to excellence and reinforces our reputation as a trusted manufacturing partner.

Receiving the Small Business of the Year award is a testament to our dedication to driving economic growth, technological advancement, and, most importantly, ensuring customer satisfaction. As we move forward, we are eager to build upon this success and continue serving as an industry leader in delivering high-quality manufacturing solutions. Our team at Seaway Plastics Engineering is excited about the future, and we remain committed to making a positive impact in our industry and beyond.


DOE Small Business of the Year Award

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