Case Study

Aerospace Engineering Company

Since 1998, this aerospace company has been creating airplane parts that create a professional and safe interior. Their desire to seek new technologies and design solutions for aircraft has kept them afloat throughout the decades since their inception. With their over 150 employees, this company caters to companies large and small and working with giants like Boeing, Airbus, and Qantas.

Main Problem

In this particular case, they were in the process of creating a new and different type of automatic window shade for a smaller aircraft. The shade assemblies needed to meet several certification standards in order to be placed within the aircraft. They had to conform to specifications for flammability, support, environmental effects, and many others to give the product high integrity. Due to this, they needed the parts made that were able to withstand extensive QA processes as well as differing kinds of exposure Along with the necessary quality certifications for aerospace, they wanted these shades to meet the following parameters: ultra-thin design, self contained, and able to hold electrical power. They also designated that these complex products are available in 12 different colors as well in order to fit with an aircraft’s overall look while keeping replication simple. Before, they were CNC machining these parts which would not fit for the scale they needed to produce. 

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Together, this aerospace company and Seaway-Wright created an easily replicable design that produced products on a much larger scale. Seaway-Wright created the molds to fit large presses for the larger parts many other manufacturers would not be able to handle. Through their offshore options for mold building, they saved at least 15% while still keeping the post molding assembly in house before shipping. Moreover, with Quality Assurance in house at Seaway-Wright, the manufacturer kept the costs down to include this service and ensure part integrity. 



Seaway-Wright offers many different options for tooling when it comes to overall cost. The manufacturer can work with varying price points to extend the promises of plastic injection molding to many other industries. This includes the QA department which can perform tests, certify, and report on quality according to the assembly’s specifications. 

An Outstanding Commitment to Quality

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